2015: Conditions in which great vintages are born.

September 28th, 2015 @ 12:00am Jonathan Maltus Wine

 It has been a  dream summer for us Bordelais this year, throughout the past few months we have been cautiously optimistic and as September comes to an end our 2015 harvest kicks off and the anticipation of this promising vintage peaks! 
The story so far: 
2015 has been everything we’d hoped for with impeccable weather from spring time through to harvest. At every stage of the vines development we have seen optimum conditions; homogeneous flowering, followed by the essential rainfall the vines required to develop properly prior to the very hot, dry months of June and July. 
The seeds started to mature very early leading to véraison that went splendidly well. This warm weather continued into August, again with perfectly timed rain aiding balanced development of the grapes. September has been cooler and dry with no rain in sight for three quarters of the month allowing the skins to reach the final stages of maturity.

As we continually walk through the vineyards sampling the fruit what we find is rich aromatic berries with high phenolic concentration coupled with an alignment of acidity and tannin. All of which portends for wines with great structure.
We started picking our youthful vines and most precocious blocks on the 21st September… harvest proceeds at a leisurely pace as weather conditions continue to be ideal.  As you can well imagine we are both thrilled and thankful for what we hope will be a wonderful 2015 vintage...TBC...

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