Celebrating 20 years with a Decanter Masterclass!

November 25th, 2014 @ 04:39am Jonathan Maltus Wine 0

Creating Cult Classics in Traditional Bordeaux Masterclass with Jonathan Maltus

The 2014 vintage represents the twentieth year we have been producing Jonathan’s wines here at CHATEAU TEYSSIER since our kick-off in 1994. 

And what better way to celebrate this milestone than to be invited by DECANTER to host a Masterclass on ‘Creating Cult Classics in Traditional Bordeaux’ at their Fine Wine Encounter in London which was held on 15th& 16thNovember. 

This recognition of the crew’s hard work is gratifying (some of the team have been with the Chateau for the full stretch – 20 years!). As we are relatively unknown amongst the long list of the Cru Classes traditionally represented at these DECANTER events, it was a real honour to be asked. 

Thank you to those 80 people who came along to listen to the tales, trials and tribulations that surround the making of LE DOME and VIEUX CHATEAU MAZERAT (VCM). It was fantastic to be able to communicate our story and interact with some very knowledgeable consumers! 

While very much in our infancy, when compared with the neighbouring Chateaux of Bordeaux, we feel very proud of our achievements and extremely privileged to be celebrating this special occasion.  We look forward to many more milestones to be shared in the future.

For those who were unable to make the event look below at some footage (courtesy of Decanter) or at our Facebook page

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