Top 6: Our Highlights of 2015!

December 23rd, 2015 @ 12:00am Jonathan Maltus Wine

Let The Festivities Begin! 

With the festive season well and truly upon us, it is time again for our Christmas bash - the entire staff (totaling 24!) turned out to celebrate at our local fav brasserie 'Café Cuisine', sipping on special vintages of the few remaining bottles of the Colonial Estates wines from Barossa..

Every year we take a moment to chat about the year that was for all of the staff, it's an opportunity for people who work in the vineyards to get an insight into what's been happening in the sales office and for the sales staff to hear more about the ins and outs of the harvest...and now we'd like to share them with you... 

1. Jonathan MALTUS

The party in the summer that we held at TEYSSIER for 150 closest friends to celebrate my coming of age. The specific (un)memorable moment is being on stage and not able to recall the quote of the great Keith Richards – “it’s good to be here - at my age it’s good to be anywhere”. 


2. Olivier DARCY – Estates Director

One more step towards the extension of Château Teyssier vineyards with a new plot bought in April as a sleeping-for-ever piece of land to which the soil was the day after signature… and planted the following one, under the control of a full GPS monitoring system.
The land now looks like it was more than 10 years ago, improved by a higher density of plants for making better quality wine. But there is a bad point: no wine to taste so far from this project…we’ll have to wait a few more years to reap the fruits of our labour!

3. Neil WHYTE – Head Winemaker

What made the 2015 vintage remarkable for me was the luxury of picking each block as it reached maturity without the pressure of adverse weather conditions or developing rot.

4. Jean Pierre MOURGUES– Business Director

Being served a nice wine in a decanter at a lunch in April where I was invited with Jonathan and our host playing the classic game: “guess what it is”, being proud to impress our host and my boss in being the only one to find the name and vintage: Cos d’Estournel 1990.

I had a case of this wine in my own cellar which I had all consumed years ago but with such a great pleasure that I recognized the wine.

5. Marie Julie LOTTE – Export Manager

You can now drink JCP Maltus wines in Aruba, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua, and in general we are covering all the Caribbean (She’s forever hopeful for a sales trip!). And for 2016, I hope to expand into in the Fiji Islands, New Caledonia, Tahiti and Mauritius!!! 

6. Louis PERRET– Export Manager

Hearing someone from the vineyard (at the Gerbaude) say that in 30 years of harvesting in Saint Emilion he had never seen or heard of such a clean and sane harvest. As well as tasting the 2013 World’s End and being blown away by Wavelength and Stir It Up


Nous vous souhaitons à tous un merveilleux Noël et une Bonne Année!








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