• Jonathan Maltus

    Born in Nigeria, winemaking is his second career. The wines he makes “are generally structured, forthright and assertive – a bit like Jonathan himself!” Educated in the UK, he was initially involved in the Oil and Petro-Chemical industry. A mid-life, two year winemaking apprenticeship in Cahors was followed by a painstaking search of France’s most interesting appellations. Once choosing Saint Emilion, the 1990’s and early 2000’s resulted in a pioneering role in the world of the garagistes. An obsessive about the effect of terroir on wines, Jonathan seeks out vineyards that will provide the very best grapes to produce high-level fine wine.

  • Lyn Maltus

    Lyn was born in Zimbabwe to an Estonian mother and British father who had emigrated after the Second World War. She moved from Zimbabwe to South Africa in her early 20’s where she worked for a major hotel group. A yearn to travel then took her to the UK where she joined the then ‘Silicon Valley’ in Cambridge. Finally lured south again to France by her new husband in 1992, she worked alongside Jonathan doing everything from pumping over to bottling and all the copious administration that is the wonder of France. Nowadays she manages to stay out of the wineries!

  • Neil Whyte
    Head Winemaker & Oenologue

    Born in Scotland on a rainy day in August, and educated at Edinburgh and Bordeaux Universities, Neil found his passion for wine after grape-picking in France. Saint Emilion, is home for this qualified Oenologue – that is to say when he’s not in the Napa Valley. Forsaking his native drink – Scotch, he replaced an interest in grain to follow the grape. A fluent French speaker, Neil quickly warmed to the challenge that both the Bordeaux and Napa climates bring to a vintage. From an involvement in CHATEAU TEYSSIER in 1994 to today, he has a complete empathy with the grapes the vineyards produce.

  • Olivier Darcy
    Estates Director

    Olivier is the team’s connection to the vines – the core of everything we do. He’s a graduate of ENITA – the top Agricultural College in Bordeaux. Olivier’s passion for terroir and agriculture generally stems from being brought up in the centre of rural France. Specializing in viticulture and oenology, he left ENITA to work in some of the most prestigious Châteaux of the Medoc – Leoville Las Cases, Lagrange, etc. He then went on to manage Grand Cru Classé Estates in Saint Emilion for fifteen years. Whatever the weather, he can be found on a tractor, in the vines, or in the winery. Rescued from the formality of the standard Bordeaux system he, nonetheless, roots the team back to the traditions of viticulture and vinification from the provenance that is Bordeaux.

  • Jean-Pierre Mourgues
    Business Director

    With roots in both Germany from his mother and France from his soldier father, JP was born in the French Alps. However, he spent his childhood, as military families do, consistently on the move. He graduated in International Trade in Bordeaux and received the DUAD from the Bordeaux University. He started in the wine business in 1980 and specialized in trading premium and Cru Classés wines from Bordeaux. He has a keen international outlook having been an expatriate in the USA and Germany. With our wines now in over 60 countries around the world, he dedicates his time to encouraging his sales team and supporting our clients - travelling the world in the promotion of our wines.