"What Jonathan has achieved in Bordeaux is nothing short of remarkable”
Will Lyons, Wall Street Journal


Originally an Englishman from Africa, in his thirties he met a vigneron from the South West of France who changed his path for good. In lieu of payment for his help with sales, he received intensive practical study in viticulture and oenology. Two years later he purchased CHATEAU TEYSSIER, a Saint Emilion Grand Cru in need renovation. That it has had - the vineyard has been increased to ten times its former size and now has a state-of-the-art winery.

The 'garage' revolution of the 1990's, started in Saint Emilion, was an ‘engine for change’ in winemaking and the impact of this has been heard throughout the world of wine. Estates that traded merely on their names now embrace the oenological technology and viticultural passion brought in by the 'garagistes'. Jonathan was in the middle of this movement with his sought-after wine LE DOME being one of the top-three cult wines from Saint Emilion.

Not content with his work in Bordeaux, in 2008 he set up WORLD’S END making Single Vineyard and Reserve wines in the Napa Valley.

He, his wife Lyn and family have been based in Saint Emilion for over 20 years.